Online shopping has provided many benefits. You can buy any product by sitting in your home. You can access various stores from your home computer and you definitely can select from a variety of the products. the selection of the products and to compare the prices of these products has become very easy. Have you ever think that the website to which you are making online payment is secure or not? When you are doing online shopping then you also have to make online payments. These online payments are made by using different online services. These services are although have worldwide reputation. If you are using paypal or visa card to make these payments then both of these accounts are connected to your bank account. The payments made by these accounts are deducted directly from your bank account. The most common form of fraud in online shopping is the presence of fake online shopping stores. When you are going to buy any product then it is your basic desire to get the best quality product at minimum possible price. To ensure the quality you use to visit different online stores and you also use different tools to match the prices. The fake stores are also offering variety of the products.

 They also have fake reviews of the clients only to attract the consumers. They also have maintained their good reputation by using fake methods. If you want to check their online social media pages you will see thousands of fans. They actually have purchased those likes. They also offer you the cheapest prices for the high quality products. When you have selected their product and also have made them payment they will ban your IP. The support team will also not give you any reply and you will not be able to get your money back. There are some preventive measures if adopted can save you from this loss. The genuine online stores also have their physical presence in many cities or states. You only have to choose that store which also has its physical presence in your city or state. When you are going to make payments then first you have to verify their accounts. When you are making payments then continuously track your computer screen. The screen tracking provides you the proof that you can present before the state authorities at the time of claim. If still you have been victim of their fraud then you can make complain in the state department. You have to present proof of your payments before these authorities and they will take necessary actions to give your money back from those cheaters. Some of these fake online stores also track your account information.

If you are making payments by using cards then you must instantly get your card freeze from any other payment. Most of the people are not familiar with the unique option associated with A T M cards and the debit cards. When you are getting these cards you have to notify the bank authorities in written form that if I am going to make payment of this specific limit to some shopping center then you have to make phone call at my personal number for verification. You only have to make payment if I verify that payment. If you are using this mechanism then you can save from big loss.


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