Identity theft is no doubt becoming a great issue in recent ages and there are hundreds of cases every year where people have to face harsh consequences of identity theft. In such a scenario, ofcourse everyone looks possible ways for identity theft protection. Making your digital security strong is one of the key steps that can be taken. Having strong digital security, especially on the internet, can keep you safe from any such problem. Keeping all your digital data fully secured is indeed of lots of importance. Esecially becareful about cloud services that are very common these days. Dont put your personal identity information on cloud drives as ofcourse they are more at risk of getting stolen than your offline storages, that are, your flash drive or traditional hard drive.You can only perform your online activities with freedom if your data has been protected. Email account is the integral part and the necessary component that is used to take any service. No matter which service you want to take you have to put your email account. When you are creating a new email account then you need to be very careful about the security of that account. If you are using multiple accounts then you must not use same passwords for these accounts.

 If you try to use same passwords then all of your accounts will be at risk. It has been observed that many people use common passwords. Most of times these passwords are a series of numbers. People use these easy passwords only because they are easy to remember. The hackers know  this fact so they always try these common passwords to breach security of your account and to take valuable information from your account. It is necessary to randomize the passwords and always try to increase the security of your email account. The recent developments are satisfactory. The service providers have introduced a new mechanism to enter into these email accounts. These accounts are double protected. You need to put the correct password and then you have to put the P I N code received at your phone. The phone verification process significantly increase the security of your accounts. It is recommended to use this double protection method to secure your account from any attack. It has been observed that most of the people put all the valuable information including passwords in a common file. They either upload the file containing valuable information to their email account or they keep this file in the hard disk of their computer. Both of these things are full of danger. you must remember the fact that the data present in a computer that is connected to internet is always accessible. The first thing is to make passwords of your accounts and then to store these passwords to some paper that must be present in your safe or in your draw.

If you are keeping important data in your computer then you must take some suitable measures to protect your computer. Your computer always remains at the risk of attack if you are using untrusted softwares. The most common way of fraud about which increased number of cases have been reported. The scammers pose to be the service providers or the software developers. They first know about the softwares which are very popular among the public. They will prepare the similar software but this software will be having some functions to steal your important data. This software can be used to import the data from the computer of the user. They use to advertise about their software on different portals. They also offer free copy of that softwares. When the users check these banners offering free softwares, they are definitely attracted to these softwares and often this result in the identity theft cases. Once they have downloaded that software and installed it to their computer. The hackers get control over these computers and they can steal all important information from these computers. You must remain conscious about these softwares and never use any non legitimate software in your computer. When you need to make use of any software then you must try some legitimate source for these softwares.

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